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Awesome Iron on Patches Ideas

Awesome Iron on Patches Ideas

Embroidered patches are hip, fashionable, colorful, and incredibly cheap. They are used in schools, corporations, fashion stores, clubs, fund-raising events, music events, conferences, and even in trade fairs. These appliques are versatile. They are also easy to apply and easy to remove.
So, whether you’re using these wonderful patches for fashion, business, marketing, or self-expression. Here are some tips and ideas that you can use in designing your iron on

1.    Place an inspirational quote on your patch.

Iron on patchesThese “ iron on” appliques are more than just fashionable appliques. They can also inspire you and lift you up. So, if you’re feeling down or depressed lately, you can print an inspirational quote or slogan on the patch. You can place something like “do not give up” or “keep fighting”. These quotes will surely lift your spirit ups. You can also print something like:

•    Choose to be happy.
•    Have courage and be kind.
•    Do not mistake kindness for weakness.
•    Life is beautiful.
•    Kindness is free.
•    Love is all there is.
•    The best things in life are not things.

An inspirational patch will surely cheer you up. You can place this patch on your backpack, jeans, and hats.

2.    Use the iron on appliques to express your emotions and feelings.

If you simply want to express yourself, it would be a good idea to use iron on appliques. You can place different expressions on the patch such as:

•    I am feeling sexy.
•    We aim to misbehave.
•    I’m making more detours.
•    It’s going to be a good day.
•    I’m going to take care of my body.
•    Bring your own sunshine.
•    I believe in myself.

3.    Place personal affirmations on your iron on appliques.

Affirmations are powerful because they inspire you and increase your self-confidence. They also open you up to new possibilities and empower you to chase your dreams and create the life that you want and deserve.

So, if you want to empower yourself and increase your self-confidence, it’s a good idea to print the following affirmations on your patches:

•    I can do anything that I set my mind into.
•    I have a beautiful and powerful mind.
•    I am free.
•    I release all my negative thoughts.
•    I have all the qualities that I need to be successful.
•    I am brave and I stand up for myself.
•    I am indestructible.
•    I radiate grace, charm, and beauty.
•    The best is yet to come.
•    Happiness is my birthright.
•    My heart is filled with happiness.
•    I attract only the positive things in life.
•    I am at peace with myself.
•    I make positive choices.
•    I am successful.
•    I am grateful for my work and my life.
•    I am loving and powerful.
•    I trust myself.
•    I am talented.
•    I am a success magnet.
•    I enjoy my life.
•    I am living an abundant life.
•    I have an incredible family.
•    I am the master of my fate.
•    My life is filled with positive energy.
•    I am enough.
•    I have a bright future.
•    I am loving and kind.
•    I enjoy every moment of the day.

Iron on appliques that contain affirmations are empowering and inspiring. They boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4.    Print your favorite cartoon character.

Cartoon characters are fun and exciting. So, if you’re one of those cartoon lovers, you can use small iron on appliques to express your love for certain cartoon characters.You can place the images of famous cartoon characters such as:

patches•    Mickey Mouse
•    Bambi
•    Donald Duck
•    Felix the Cat
•    Garfield
•    Eeyore
•    Winnie the Pooh
•    Mighty Mouse
•    Homer Simpson
•    Bart Simpson
•    Barney Rubble
•    Pluto
•    Cruella de Val
•    Lilo and Stitch
•    Popeye
•    Goofy
•    Droopy
•    Tweedy Bird and Sylvester
•    Jessica Rabbit
•    The Tasmanian Devil
•    Tom and Jerry
•    Bugs Bunny
•    Hello Kitty

Cartoon “iron on” appliques are interesting and amazing. You can place them on your pillow cases, bed sheets, jackets, and jeans.

5.    Make a luxury patch.

Luxury “iron on” appliques are cheap, but they definitely look like they cost hundreds of dollars. You can place them on your clothes, bags, and even headbands. You can even sell them!

If you want to design a luxury patch, here are some ideas that you can use:

•    The Royal Crown – Use a sheer material for the patch and then fill it with beads and sequins to make it look like a royal crown.

•    I Love Britain – Use a heart shaped patch and then sew in some red, white, and blue sequins to make it look like the British flag.

•    Glitter Lipstick – Cut the patch in the shape of a lipstick. Then, fill it with red, white, and gold sequins.
•    Peacock Patch – This is probably one of the most expensive and classic patches. This applique contains intricate embroidery. It also contains various Swarovski crystals and beads.

Patches are flexible. You can use them to hide wardrobe damage. But, you can also use them to encourage yourself, express yourself, and increase your self-esteem.

Iron on patches uses for different purposes whether its use for business, offices, school and so on. The above ideas will helps you to make and choose a different iron on patches.